A Book You Won't Forget by Julie L. Farley

Michele Rolle's vivid prose paints a picture of a true warrior. Rolle's story begins in the Projects in the Bronx and shows her hard fought journey to adulthood and Richmond, VA. ...Invisible Warrior is one of the most inspirational books I have read in a long time.

A Tale Needing its Telling by Cheryl Pallant

Invisible Warrior is a story well worth being told. Scene after scene demonstrates the importance of a resolute spirit. It's no wonder Rolle achieves what she does. 

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Invisible Warrior-A Memoir"

A Courageous Perspective by Mollie Morris

Mrs. Rolle's life story is inspiring. She felt an obligation to share this story and I am grateful.  She struggled to rise above a life enslaved in poverty....Well written and excellent story to share. 

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 Well Written Book That Really Highlights... by Burton Kunz

This was a well written book that really highlights both the highs and lows of growing up from humble beginnings. I have met the author and view her as an exemplary citizen of my community; her humility, kindness, and wisdom set her apart from the flock. In short, I would trust her with my family all day.